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Post  zacth nenshou on Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:17 am

here are the ms rules

1 you mais not take a pilot from the tv series
2 you start with a gm, ginn, m1 astrai, zaku 1 or 2
3 pilot level
lvl 1=100 pouint private
lvl 2=200 corporal
lvl 3=200 sergent
lvl 4=300 gunerie sergent
lvl 5=300 master sergent
lvl 6=400 seccond liutenent
lvl 7=400 first liutenent
lvl 8=500 captaine
lvl 9=500 major
lvl 10=600 cornal
lvl 11=600 general
lvl 12=700 gundam meister
lvl 13=700 gundam meister sergent
lvl 14=800 gundam meister lutenent
lvl 15=800 gundam meister captain
lvl 16=900 gundam meister cornal
lvl 17=900 meister pilot
lvl 18=1000 hero
lvl 19=1000 war hero
lvl 20=1100 ace
lvl 10 you can control prototype
lvl 13 nuclear power gundam
lvl 15 you can control grand prototype
lvl 20 battle cruiser
all coordinator start lvl 10
so they dont need to do the previouse stage
4:you can posses 5 gundam diferent
and if you have an hangard you can posses more then 5
mass production :give 10 pouint
hero mobile souits :giv 50 pouint
ace pilot :give you 100 pouint
cruiser :give you 200
and training: give you a level (max 15)
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